What Is an Entertaining Speech

Students of universities, colleges, high schools often have a task to write a speech. Sometimes delivering a speech may be problematic because not all students practice public speaking on a daily basis, and they may feel confused. In order to get a good mark, each student must know what an entertaining speech is and what kinds of it exist.

An entertaining speech is a speech that is aimed at catching the attention of the public and amazing it. the purpose of an entertaining speech is to send a certain message to the public. There should be a particular occasion to deliver your sermon. There are various kinds of speeches: informative, convincing, hilarious. 

How to Choose and Develop Entertaining Speech Topics

Students usually discuss information that interests them, and they think it will also be alluring to the audience, but it is not as easy as it seems. Below you will read several steps on how to make an excellent sermon.

Choose the topic that might interest your public – evaluate the interests of your audience and select the most appropriate. Agree that as a public speaker, you don`t want to see your audience yawning when listening to you. for example, if your viewers are IT-specialists, don`t prepare the information about acid rains, climate change, and global warming. You`d better leave this information for Greta Thunberg.

Be a many-sided speaker – if you have a mundane life, few interests, people will feel it. You might prepare a sophisticated speech, grammatically correct, readable, understandable, flawless, but people will smell a rat. Thus, your personality, mood, and character have a great influence. Don`t be just a walking encyclopedia, but remember that a picture paints a thousand words.

Choose Your Purpose and Amplify Related Ideas to It

Delivering a speech is not always a piece of cake. There should be some target behind just presenting a speech. for instance, students may want to make their audience laugh, telling funny jokes. Also, they may want to motivate the audience to change their behavior or make people agree with their point of view are excellent examples of speech goals. Speakers should analyze ideas that will help them achieve those goals. Their motives don`t make a difference.

Monitor Dozens of Relevant Sources 

You should never think you know everything because your guess is as good as mine.Prepare some curious and funny facts, short documentaries, and provocative data, challenging quizzes. Always dig into the topic to be able to amaze your audience. There should often be such information your audience doesn’t even have a clue.

Delivering an Entertaining Speech

Hint 1. Put down your speech. Before starting, pick a topic of your sermon. Then write a unique greeting. an extraordinary greeting will catch the attention of the audience. As you have collected some material, facts, details, evidence, real-life stories, you should organize the information rationally. In the beginning, all students lack experience, and usually, they start with writing essays. Later they transform them into speeches. Students have to put down the main points of their sermon and provide them with arguments. If you don`t know how to convert your essay into a speech, you need to google it. Fortunately, the internet has got many variants for you. 

It should be mentioned that if you have an entertaining speech, you ought to use jokes to make people smile and trust you more. It is obligatory to test your jokes before performing and make sure they are really funny. 

Hint 2. Learn your speech and practice delivering it. They say practice makes perfect. Furthermore, public speakers cannot talk for good. Their time is limited. Record your sermon and make sure it doesn’t exceed the allotted time. 

Hint 3. Record yourself in different ways. In the 21st century, students have smartphones, iPhones, tablets. It is practical and useful. When you practice delivering a sermon, make a few records. Each time uses various intonations and tries different word choices. After reviewing your records, choose the most appropriate words and intonations. Ensure you speak coherently and unambiguously. In addition, make your sermon more sophisticated if it seems too easy. Moreover, each student has to make a video of himself to see how other people see him. 

Hint 4. Body language may help you. Non-verbal communication may be very effective when delivering a speech. It includes gestures, touch, body posture, facial expression, eye contact. Proper usage of body language helps to gain the reputation of an excellent speaker. 

Hint 5. Pay respect to your audience. Remember this rule – viewers come first. That`s why you shouldn`t diminish the dignity of others. Life is a mirror. If you treat people well, they do the same. What goes around, comes around. You ought to be tolerant and polite to others.

Hint 6. Make a visual presentation. Your audience will remember you if you provide your speech with fascinating visual content. Memorizing information is a piece of cake when you prepare pictures. Furthermore, businessmen, public speakers, directors prepare presentations, and the audience takes them seriously. Follow successful people.

Hint 7. Interact with the audience. the words in your speech are not the most important. What`s significant is eye contact with viewers. the speaker cannot look at everyone at the same time. Never look at the ceiling, floor, and window. Imagine that you are serving wine to your viewers and concentrate first on one person, and then move to the next one.

Hint 8. Remember to be easy. Don`t include too many complicated words, because your audience will start googling each one and stop listening to you. Apply clear expressions, collocations, and phrases. If you use an unknown or uncommon word, please give the explanation in your visual presentation. In this case, you will omit misunderstanding and steal Google`s thunder.

Hint 9. Smile. Smile opens the doors to many opportunities. People understand the difference between a sincere smile and a fake one. Charismatic people always smile. A nice smile also will definitely give you additional points.

24 Brilliant Entertaining Speech Topics

Now you know the main steps to create an excellent entertaining speech. We also prepared some speech topics that may help if you don`t have ideas or need inspiration.

Convincing Entertaining Speech Ideas

  • Watching TV makes people less social
  • Traditional marriage is not relevant nowadays
  • Playing video games is harmful to your eyesight
  • Space flights cause ozone layer depletion
  • Bilinguals live longer than those who don`t possess foreign languages
  • Social media distracts people from reaching their main goal in life
  • Traditional zoos should be banned
  • The amount of goods exceeds the demand

Funny Entertaining Speech Ideas That Might Be A Success

  • How to make your boss listen to you?
  • How to frighten your future husband by your long nails?
  • Who are you in the Spiderman world?
  • How to make mushrooms sing?
  • How to do acupuncture in the subway?
  • How to be a unique person?
  • Why have men become feminine in the 21st century?
  • Why do modern feministic women resemble warriors in skirts?

Informative Topics

  • Can meditations make one`s life better?
  • Why should all humans go green?
  • What`s wrong with the Y generation?
  • Ways people can save the planet
  • The beauty industry is getting more and more popular 
  • Why do we feel ease after forgiving?
  • Why is it important to do good deeds?
  • How to deal with stress?