Descriptive Essay Topics: Role and Value

A descriptive essay is a widespread type of writing work. Sometimes, it is underestimated due to less seriousness comparing with other types of writing works, like academic assignments. Actually, it can be even much more useful than it seems at first glance. 

Essay writing helps to develop imagination, descriptive, and writing skills and provides much more room for expression of thoughts, emotions, experience, and other things you would like to share. Nowadays, in the era of social media, it is even more important. If you know how to write a sound descriptive essay – you will tackle easily with any type of post in social networks: personal, commercial, social – anyone. 

Choosing the best descriptive essay topic is of crucial importance. It determines how easy and fast you will write your descriptive essay, how interesting it will be this process, and the result for you and for your future reader, consequently. 

Tips for Choosing Your Descriptive Essay Topic and Style 

Your Personality Is the Foremost

Before starting to write your descriptive essay, simply decide what kind of author you would like to appear. In any case, to make your descriptive essay interesting and successful, it should be based on your personal experience, thoughts, ideas, and emotions. On the contrary, too much theorizing can have an even negative impact on your descriptive essay. So, treat this type of writing as a chance to express yourself freely and tell something valuable. 

For Whom You Are Doing This Work 

The further milestone is to identify your target audience. Simply shape its description in your mind, according to the following characteristics, for instance:

  • mindset;
  • interests;
  • style.

Making your descriptive essay interesting for your readers directly depends on how much you are interested in it for yourself. So, the best way here is to enjoy the process yourself first. 

Sound Descriptive Essay Topics

Make Your Research First 

For instance, you have a lot to say but have to prepare only one descriptive essay at the moment. Preliminary research will help you to compile information from different sources with possible descriptive essay topics and form your pool of ideas. Look through it and eliminate from your pool one by one topic in which you are interested less to leave the best one in the end. This topic should touch you more than any other. Again, orient yourself on your personal experience, feelings, and thoughts before all. 

Samples of Topics for Your Descriptive Essay 


  • Your dream life
  • Your daily routine
  • Your perfect weekend 
  • Your favorite feeling
  • Your favorite dish 
  • Your favorite restaurant or cafe 
  • The event that has changed your life
  • Your hobby 
  • The most beautiful place you have ever visited 
  • Describe a thing that is special for you
  • What is your distinctive feature?
  • The brightest memory of your life
  • What makes you joyful?
  • What makes you upset?
  • Your favorite leisure activity
  • What makes you a good friend? 
  • Process or result: where will you make your accent?
  • What profession do you consider as worthy of devoting the greatest part of your life?
  • Your dream jobs
  • Your favorite pet 
  • Your first love 
  • The most fascinated concert you have ever visited
  • Place you want to visit 
  • The most outstanding person for you


  • Describe your vision for the society you are living in now
  • How to tackle the most serious challenge your society has faced with now?
  • The heaven for any woman 
  • The heaven for any man
  • The best party you have ever visited
  • The strangest party you have ever visited
  • The most important historical event 
  • Ways to prevent epidemics
  • Social entrepreneurship in our life 
  • Advanced educational practices for the future
  • The role of social media in our modern life 
  • Would you like any social stereotypes to disappear? 
  • Do you find any restrictions on voting rights as required?
  • What business is about?
  • Extreme types of sports: remain or forbid?
  • How to make this life better?
  • How to save our environment?

Philosophy, religion, and technology 

  • Is there any purpose in this life?
  • Favorite philosopher and concept 
  • The philosophy of your life
  • Favorite motto
  • What is God: a result of our brain operation or an invisible part of reality?
  • The greatest scientist
  • The most brilliant invention 
  • Theory or practice: which one takes the first place?
  • Future of cryptocurrency 
  • What appearance will have a computer in 50 or 100 years?
  • What is the future of virtual reality?
  • The fuel of the future 
  • Cyber challenges in our modern world 


  • How to make our cross-cultural communication effective?
  • Cultural unification vs. diversity: what to choose?
  • Describe a movie you think everybody should look
  • The future of books 
  • What kind of music constitutes a majority in your playlist?
  • The fascinating exhibition you have ever visited
  • Who is your favorite artist, and why?
  • Prose vs. poetry: what will you choose?

Shaping Your Descriptive Essay

Content to Create 

After choosing your topic, develop one main idea for your future descriptive essay and a couple of secondary ideas to make it informative for your target audience. All other content – arguments, stories, samples – should be in coherence with your ideas. 

Writing Process

Organize your time properly first to make the overall process successful. Divide the entire period of writing into separate timespans and identify the duration of each one. These sections may be, for instance:

  • time for ideas elaboration;
  • time for research;
  • time for writing;
  • time for revision.

It is highly desirable to arrange breaks between these periods just to maintain your productivity. 

Structure your text to guide your reader. the easiest way is to make a scheme. Take some separate paper and make the scheme of your future text: title, headings, number of paragraphs, the approximate size of each one, mark places where you want to include lists, diagrams, pictures, etc. 

Also, equip yourself with different types of vocabularies and helpful resources, especially lists of synonyms, to write your descriptive essay in a sound and plain manner. While writing your descriptive essay, try to put yourself on your future reader’s place, and evaluate your results fairly.

Review and Revise

After completion of your work, put your ready-made text aside and look at it after a couple of days, with your fresh view. Again, try to answer the following questions impartially: 

  • Have you understood the main idea of your text?
  • Is it persuasive and easy to read? 

The great idea is to pass your descriptive essay to other persons for review. Make your text available for your target readers only when you have decided inside of yourself – this is the best result you can provide now. 

And….a Piece of Support for You

Never afraid of a blank paper. Try to write again and again to master your skills. This is the only way to make yourself a good writer. 

Have a lot of luck and inspiration to create many interesting descriptive essays!