What Are The Most Effective Essay Writing Services On Reddit? We Have The Answer!

If you are an Internet regular, you could not miss Reddit.com. It is a vast community of communities where you can find absolutely anything. You can come there for information, and you will undoubtedly get a response from an expert. Or, how about talking to outstanding people like Barak Obama? Yes, he is on Reddit as well. There are communities about any topic in the world. 

Unlike Quora aiming to become a “question-and-answer Wikipedia,” Reddit is not just for information. Most people come there for fun and communication. There are tons of jokes, memes, and discussions about everything. People call Reddit.com “the front page of the Internet” – and it is valid. You can use it instead of Google. Added to your search results, you get a company to have a good time on the Web. 

Reddit is also an excellent platform where people and services promote themselves. Often it is the fairest method. On Reddit, you have to prove your usefulness to other people before talking about your brand. Also, there are many real witnesses of any product/service efficiency. Asking on Reddit about any subject being worthy is proper practice.

Online anonymous communities have some distinct disadvantages. Anyone can give a fake response and avoid responsibility. But on Reddit, you can get the opinion of the majority, and it is reliable. 

Students come to discuss the best essay writing services on Reddit regularly. It is a source of information about this or that established writing company. Many teams are on Reddit as well – they support dedicated subreddits, post news updates, answer questions, and so on. Their ex-customers also share experiences about service quality. 

Besides learning about professional services, students can get help with writing their essays directly Reddit. You can post your request, get in touch with the author, and make a deal without leaving Reddit.com. Though it might seem riskier than turning to established companies, the power of community helps. When someone searches for clients on Reddit, there will be references, and you can check them before agreeing.

If you need assistance with college papers and you want to search for information on Reddit, it’s okay. You will find the information there. Or, you may use this article, as we’ve already researched the topic. Here, we offer you our rankings of the writing services mentioned and discussed on Reddit. We’ve also studied subreddits where you can find similar help. Let’s view them all together!

5 Reddit Favs of the Essay Writing Services


Rate per page: from $13 | Shortest Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: On-demand

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Eduguide essay writing service preview

Eduguide is a relatively young writing company, but its age does not diminish the quality of services. Like many ambitious newcomers in the academic writing business, Eduguide seeks leadership. It has its advantages to offer to the customers, and they already got quite a name in this field. 

The rate per page seems higher than some other services offered. Discounts come with promo codes that you can get during the promo campaigns, or ask the support service for it. In general, Eduguide is not the cheapest service on the Web, but this price is justified. 

The group delivers papers of excellent quality, properly formatted, and original. Unlike some other not-so-reliable services, Eduguide is extremely careful about the writers’ qualifications. The authors are ENL and ESL, but they all possess high-level expertise in their subjects, and the customer can work with a person specializing in the topic.

Eduguide.pro has more pluses. Among them, the possibility to communicate with the performer directly, on-time delivery of even the most urgent tasks, and 24/7 support in real-time. You can use the phone, online chat, and messenger. 


Rate per page: from $10 | Shortest Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 10%

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Collegeassisting essay writing service preview

Collegeassisting.com is a writing group that entered the field not so long ago. Their team consists of almost 1500 professional writers – ENL speakers and ESL with excellent English, and they care about the quality very much. The authors working for Collegeassisting.com hold Masters and Ph.D. degrees. It means their competencies let them do any student’s essay on the highest level.

You can order almost any type of paper – from the admission essay to enroll in a college of your dream to the term paper to claim your academic excellence. Even the creative writing assignment is in the services list. 

The timeframe that is available to order ranges from 14 days to 3 hours, and the quality is exquisite. You can understand this judging from the students’ experiences with this company. 

New users can get a welcome discount of 10% that compensates the somehow higher rates per page. Collegeassisting.com also runs a loyalty program to encourage its visitors to turn into regular customers. There are also regular promo campaigns offering the subscribed users attractive discounts.


Rate per page: from $10 | Shortest Deadline: 4 hours | Discount: 15% in loyalty program

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Customwritings essay writing service preview

Customwritings.com is a well-known company with more than ten years of experience. It says much about its quality – one can’t stay in this business for so many years without providing a decent level. 

The company provides all types of works and of any academic level. Flexible settings let the customer choose the deadline and set of needed options. And the final price is present before the order. 

It is an excellent writing service with a lot of convenient features. Among them, there is a progressive delivery of more substantial works. The customer can get it in chapters and provide feedback at once. One more useful feature is that customers can communicate with the performers personally. No matter if you choose an ENL or ESL writer, their English is impeccable. 

The quality of writing is outstanding – Customwritings.com sets high standards for its writers. Moreover, they have their rankings according to the field of qualification and the customers’ feedback. 

The prices are even lower than many similar services offer. It does not offer a welcome discount as a rule, though the customer can consult the support service and request one. Another option is the genuinely beneficial loyalty program. Regular users become eligible for a 15% lifetime discount after a certain number of orders placed. 


Rate per page: from $13 | Shortest Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 5-15%

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Academized essay writing service preview

Academized.com is one of the “elders” in the writing-for-hire field. Whenever you think of hiring some person to write you an essay, or for another service of this kind, you’d see mentions of Academized. It is a distinguished group that’s been successfully working for many years.

The range of services includes academic papers, from a short essay to the doctoral thesis. Customers can choose the academic level and deadline. The price depends on these two criteria, and in general, it remains at the same level as the rest of the similar services.

There are promo codes – they are applicable for any order. Also, there is a loyalty program. After ordering a particular number of pages, the customer receives regular discounts for each order. These discounts increase with that number making the cooperation more beneficial for the clients and the company. 

Except for papers writing, Academized.com offers more features that can help the students to get better grades. Here you can order extra features of editing, making an outline, plagiarism reports, and so on. Bibliography lists and formatting are free of charge.

As for the writers, the company hires both the ENL and ESL specialists. Customers can additionally choose a writer from the USA or UK. Customers praise this company for the quality of their work – both the writing skills and all deadlines meeting. 


Rate per page: from $13 | Shortest Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: On-demand

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Papersowl essay writing service preview

PapersOwl is a company with an original approach – it gives the customer much more control over the work than any other service. It is more a “meeting point” where users can find the writers and make a deal with them personally. They agree on the terms and the price, and the writer receives the money after work completion only.

The service practices the bidding system that receives mixed feedback. It is a great idea, as it is much more flexible and gives more opportunities to both customers and performers. It prioritizes the customer’s needs – many offers, and clients can choose the most beneficial one. On the other hand, many students find it inconvenient the absence of the precise conditions applicable to all.

Speaking of the quality of services, customers are satisfied. The writers follow the instructions and listen to all users’ remarks attentively. When customers need amendments – they do it at once and for free. For any general academic assignment, the customer can surely get up to a dozen bids to choose the most attractive offer from them all. The bidding system does not imply standard discounts, but the customer is free to negotiate about the price.

8 Most Popular Subreddits about Essay Assistance

As we already mentioned in this article, Reddit is a tremendous source of information. When you search for the data, you can get answers and references to the sources to compose the most original and informative essay. You only need to find the respective thematic subreddit and ask for help. 

Subreddits themselves can serve as writing services. There are communities of freelance authors and customers. You post the request, and the performers respond to it with their offer. 

So, if you are in the mood to find the person for doing your essay without leaving your favorite Reddit resource – you can do it, by all means. Many people complain that Reddit is addictive, so it can compensate for the time you spend on it by helping you will all your tasks.


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/DoMyHomework/ | 6900 members

The community is the most respectable on Reddit. Since 2009, they provide academic ghostwriting services to all users needing them. The rigorous policy about the scammers and digital means of customer protection grants safety. Bots designed for requests taking protect customers’ anonymity. 

It should be mentioned that r/DoMyHomework cares much about the perfect quality of the service. The group covers all subjects and topics, and the customers can choose any academic level. The writers’ community of r/DoMyHomework is skilled and experienced, so any person in need will find the right performer.


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Essay_Writing_Service/ | 3500 members

r/Essay_Writing_Service is the most active community on Reddit that deals with academic writing for hire. It is public and open for anyone to place an order – of course, the request must undergo the moderator’s review first. Students and academic freelance writers visit this subreddit regularly, and they both are welcome.  The company behind this subreddit is an online writing service PaperTakers. It uses the Reddit community as one more platform to deliver its services. Judging from the customers’ satisfaction, they do pretty well. 


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Stressays/ | 1500 members

r/stressays is the leading essay writing service community on Reddit. The system of strict rules makes it organized and helps everyone to find the most suitable match for the assignment.

On this subreddit, users can post their homework assignments of any type and search for the person to do them. Professional writers are also regulars of r/Stressays – so you can get new bids for your tasks.


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/PaperMarket/ | 2500 members

This community is now private, and you have to get the moderator’s approval to get into the area. It is a commercial resource with thousands of regular customers. The closed status protects all the community members from spammers. Besides, it makes their cooperation much more comfortable than on public subreddits.

The writers of r/PaperMarket offer assistance with any academic assignments. The rules are simple but precise: submit your request with the order requirements and your price for review. When moderators approve it – the post goes online, and the writers will see it. You communicate with them directly and can discuss the conditions before you make a deal. Safe, comfortable, and efficient – r/PaperMarket is one of the Reddit leaders of the field. 


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Reddit_Essay/ | 774 members

r/Reddit_Essay is a branch of the PapersOwl writing company. The group is very active on Reddit, and the subreddit serves as a new promotional platform. At the same time, it follows the standard rules. They prove that they are useful before naming the brand. On this subreddit, customers can get purchase the quality works of the company’s writers. 

They also post special offers, offer promo codes and discounts for the Reddit users visiting this community in a search for help. However, you can find more useful tips on doing academic tasks on this subreddit than the direct offers. There are, for instance, guidelines on formatting, lists of books to read, links to learning courses, and so on. 


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/domyhomeworkforme/ | 1400 members

This subreddit offers direct help with any homework assignments. It is a massive advertisement board with many offers from professional writers, and the range of service is impressive. On r/DoMyHomeworkForMe, one can hire an experienced editor to edit a book, or a ghostwriter to compose it. Such assignments as various essays, reports, and all the other research papers types, come by default.


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Essay_Tips_Tricks/ | 1600 members

r/Essay_Tips_Tricks is a subreddit created and supported by the Edusson writing company. Like other similar resources, it offers useful information to its users first of all. There are tips for helping students to get inspiration and to perform the task better.

At the same time, there is the option to order the papers directly on this subreddit. Users should post their requests with subject and topic, and specify the requirements for the size and deadline. The subreddit’s moderators are very active – they react fast. 


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeworkCentral/ | 780 members

The subreddit is one of the brave newcomers whose services become more and more popular. The community is a group where users can order academic help and get decent papers for fair prices. The range of services is vast – the authors offer assistance with any academic task you might face in a college, from a simple essay to the online exams.

 Other subreddits worth mentioning 


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Essays/

It is a sizeable non-commercial community where you can ask for help with essays and get it. The difference is that it is forbidden to write for hire in this community. Students must not ask for writing services, and writers must not offer help for money. The violations lead to a ban.

The rest is allowed – students can get feedback, discuss their works, ask for ideas and information. It is more like an online college writing club that unites students from many schools. 

College Buzz

URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/college_buzz/

College Buzz is another variant of a students’ club. The subreddit encourages them to discuss their college lives, joys, and problems. They can share exciting or funny stories and memes and get fun together. At the same time, members of the community can ask for help with essay writing. There is a standard system where the user can post the request, and then writers will respond with their offers to do the essay or any other paper.


URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/BespokePapers/

The community started from being a kind of database about the services offering help with college homework on Reddit. Its members collect the information and reviews to help the users to choose the right support. There are guides and tips on doing different academic tasks as well. And the option to order a college paper is also present.

Tips to select and hire the right essay writing service on Reddit

The choice of available resources on Reddit is enormous. You can address an online company with a smart-looking website, or post your request on some subreddit. In all cases, there are rules to consider when you look for the right service.

Search for users’ feedback

Direct references remain the most reliable source of information, even in 2020 and on the Web. Refer to the secure reviewing platforms like Sitejabber and Trustpilot and check feedback. Ask other users on subreddits, too – people with the necessary experience will gladly help you.

Check the money-back guarantees

As you are going to pay for the service, you need to know your rights as a customer. Reliable companies will never hide this information. They will expose all refund conditions and determine the right of each party. If the information is absent on the page – address the support managers. 

Learn about the authors’ team

People who will do your papers are the most crucial element of the process. Their qualifications will determine which results you will obtain. Check if the authors are ENL, clarify their backgrounds. Ask for the samples of papers that the online company provides. 

Learn about the pricing

A trustworthy company should have a dedicated page with detailed pricing information. There must not be any hidden costs. Each service must have its price, and the free features must not become paid during the ordering process. Decent companies always calculate the price with all elements’ breakdown before you make an order. 

Consider the experience of the company

Many experts recommend checking the age of the domain and give preferences to the older and established companies. It is a reasonable tip, but it is not obligatory. Of course, brands staying on the market for dozens of years are more experienced. Still, ambitious newcomers also provide excellent quality at a lower price as they build their reputation. Use this factor while deciding, but consider all the other factors too.

The right choice of the writing company is crucial – it can either boost your academic reputation or ruin it. And the digital nature of these services can bring mixed results. It is easy to manipulate users with fake positive or negative reviews. Frequently, students have to try several services before they find a trustworthy partner. That’s why we research this field too. Our goal is to help you to get profit from such collaboration with freelance writers. In any case, we hope that this article about the best writing services on Reddit brought you the answers you needed.

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