How to Simplify Exemplification Essay Topics

This article focuses on the deductions and steps to deliver mind-blowing exemplification essay topics your audience truly deserves. Let’s get to it.

Exemplifications are much like argumentative essays ‒ no debate is either right or wrong. However, the majority of the winners are creatives who can drive down convincing points. Think of it as the survival of the fittest.

Never has it been written that a good essay stemmed from jargon! In other words, you must back your ideas with facts. If only you understand what you write, you will have your audience just fed up to the back of their teeth. Uneasy writing as well can be felt in the tone (like a broken record), and it quickly upsets the imagination.

Here are the key determinants of good exemplification essays:

  1. They must contain examples 
  2. Exemplifications should be precise and answer for or against a concept 
  3. They mustn’t always appear as a question but should expose deeper reasoning (informative)
  4. Exemplification essay topics should be unique. Generalizations are pitfalls of such essays.
  5. They should be structured ‒ regardless of the length.
  6. Grammatical accuracy is a must-have in all essays
  7. They should be factual

What is a Topic Sentence and How to Write one

The topic sentence of an exemplification essay writing is the most important part that sets the flow of each paragraph. Typically, a topic sentence begins a paragraph and leads the reader into the next paragraph. These are the details to check in every topic sentence:

  1. The main idea 
  2. A short paragraph summary 
  3. Attention-grabbing 
  4. A pointer to the general relevance of the essay.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Ever wondered this: Why couldn’t I stand the sound of my essay, what was absolutely different about mine,and what makes an exemplification essay engaging, interactive and convincing?

No doubt, memories should be made and people should be particularly inspired by a well-written essay. The finest rhetoric skills aren’t made for a special few. You should light up the clouds right from your first words, with no incoherence, no throw offs and nothing short of perfect.

Below is how to write an exemplification essay with plain simplicity and 

Choose a Topic but Sell it as a Story 

  • Make it your story
  • Bring characters and facts alive 

Unique exemplification essay topics are great but with a story, they always SELL! There’s scarcely nothing more alluring than a personal story. It means your ideas don’t just exist but are actually lived. Pitch a connection from where your readers can see, hear and feel the force of your points.

You see, people are interested in what you have to say, they want to know if your ‘die-hard argument’ is relatable. They value the presence of intriguing characters or facts, in such a way that they can be connected to. More so, academics and marketers alike have speculated that the human sense of reasoning is coordinated by processes that store information in the form of stories. 

You need to write like you have scrutinized all schools of thought around your topic. That’s what you and any other real person can identify with. At some point or another, your audience would look for experiences rather than for wordy writeups.

If you sound like an overbearing book that everyone has already read, you’re going to fall through the cracks.

Your Language is Everything

  • Emote what your writing
  • Don’t stick to one pitch
  • Create a point of contact (a hook)

Ask yourself this: “What people will think after reading my work”?

The golden rule of exemplification essay topic delivery is to use not only high-tech visualization but a good amount of written gestures. The tools of communication in this instance have to be natural ‒ avoid being forceful. You want to look like you know your onion, you’re not afraid to let your thought out, and you’re willing to let people see your thoughts through you.

Bet you couldn’t guess that 55% of effective exemplification essay topics come from text language, while 38% are sourced from the tone that you use. One of the biggest fails of any essay presentation will be to trust only your own perception. What if you’re pulling off a monotonous voice, how do you know?  

The famous saying that ‘words are a reflection of our inner selves’ holds true for most occasions. Notice when you’re reviewing a book, you’re fast to pick out errors and flat notions. It’s pretty much the same here. Now, make your essay one that triggers emotions, then look for people who can give you honest feedback about it.

Set your goals high

  • Choose a goal
  • Plan your intro, body, and conclusion
  • Bring relevance to your work

Let’s face it

Common exemplification essay topics are boring and under-motivating. Enjoying the ease of writing about what has been run over many times is tempting because all the resources are out there. However, you also run the risk of sending your audience into a deep slumber. And don’t even blame them for that.

Goals are the mileposts to guide you in deciding a stand-out-from-the-crowd kind of essay topics, and in building up your respective pages. When you know what to expect from yourself, you’ll become more enthusiastic and spirited about your craft. 

Once you have decided on what you want your exemplification essay topic to be, you can draw a roadmap and follow through. Forgetting your keynotes and being caught off guard sucks. That is why the end of each sentence should start the beginning of a new meaning, each paragraph should summarize a point of focus and end with a clear hook to the main idea

Raising the value of your work changes the worth and perspectives used to assess it. Try to find the connecting line between your exemplification essay topic and important global events. Whether uprisings, pandemics or perhaps to renowned overachievers whose works dwell within the scope of your topic, please leverage such.

Practice, Evaluate and Produce (PEP)

  • Practice with a demo audience
  • Research and practice by yourself
  • Read your work, learn and improve

Here’s a little secret:

The only reason why this article can describe so critically the difference between a gratifying essay and an ideal variant is that it is well-researched. Research exemplification essay topics as much as you write them. 

The Irony of drafting essays, in general, is that writers who have gone up the ranks of expertise read their work multiple times. This is exactly what practice does. A ‘practice’ in simple terms is an activity repeated regularly. Focusing on what you want to learn or improve upon is the go-to of every efficient essayist. You’ll become empowered with the energy to break the familiar forces of writers’ block and even procrastination.

Finally, gather a small practice audience to read your essay. Don’t keep them too familiar. They could be your acquaintances or friends of friends. Your family and close friends, well depending on your relationship, aren’t supposed to make the group. You’d agree that they’ll most likely distract you and defeat the purpose.

Examples of Good Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Is cannabis a valid remedy?
  2. How is earth shaped?
  3. The litmus test for true friendship
  4. Married and singles: differences in psychology?
  5. What should be the optimal global average income? 

Examples of Bad Exemplification Essay Topic

  1. Why is lead a toxic substance?
  2. Explain the 3 key steps of writing exemplifications
  3. What is the poorest country?
  4. Why should guns be legalized?


Overall, choosing exemplification essay topics to write maybe a hassle. But it shouldn’t be like that. There is a set of guidelines to breakdown every process for you. The vital thing is to have a skill set for deep understanding, detailed research and error-free writing.