Evaluation Essay Topics Ideas

First of all, it’s important to determine what your assignment is. In the case of an evaluation essay, the main task is to rate a particular object, movie, service or place. You describe the good and bad qualities of an item and explain why it is adequate or intolerable. Expressing your opinion isn’t enough – it should be supported with strong evidence. The writer is expected to know the topic or at least be able to explore it in order to provide sufficient information.

It’s important to determine your target audience. Instead of writing for millions, concentrate on people who may find your writing interesting and useful. 

Evaluation Essay Topics Ideas

Choosing an appropriate topic is crucial, so don’t be hasty. The main theme of your essay should be relevant, problem-solving and creative. Don’t write about something that is out-of-date. Focus on important problems of current interest. 

Writing about something that has been evaluated hundreds of times before seems especially challenging. Don’t worry; we have prepared a list of topics to make the process of writing much easier!

Here are the most popular categories of topics:

  • Media: films, television shows, literature, performances
  • School, education
  • Sports
  • Technology, Internet
  • Restaurants, food 

Media Evaluations

  1. Evaluate a movie based on a true story: how accurately does it describe the real-life events?
  2. Romantic films in the 90s and today: what’s changed? Discuss male and female roles at different times.
  3. Review an animated movie for children. What is the lesson of the story, does it have a positive impact on kids?
  4. Evaluate a movie based on a book you’ve read. Was the adaptation successful? 
  5. TV shows vs. movies: which are more popular and why?
  6. Evaluate Elijah Wood’s performance in several movies or TV series. Talk about his best roles and the kind of character which is the most fitting for him. 
  7. Compare old and new works by the same film director. What is similar and what is different? Does this person have a distinctive visual style?
  8. Evaluate Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” and its historical accuracy. Is it a typical war movie?
  9. Assess the role of a film composer. Discuss the way he adapts to different movies. Explain the composer’s role in the filmmaking process.
  10. Compare a small music performance with a large-scale festival. Focus on your experience and emotions brought on by these events.
  11. Attend a theatrical performance. Talk about the quality of the show, its strong and weak points.
  12. Review the last album of your favorite singer or band. Compare it with their early work. Did their music change over time?
  13. Compare several books covering the same topic. Which one is the most informative and interesting to read? Talk about different writing styles.

Education Evaluations

  1. Public school vs. private school: which one is better? Reveal the positive and negative aspects of those kinds of schools.
  2. Compare using textbooks to using the Internet for studying. Which way is more effective?
  3. Evaluate modern educational software used by students. Talk about its effectiveness.
  4. Assess the role of education services provided to children who face difficulties in the learning process.
  5. Evaluate year-round schools and compare them to traditional ones.
  6. Compare the American education system to another country’s system.
  7. Discuss the ways in which your school or college manages bullying incidents. Are these methods effective?
  8. IELTS vs. TOEFL: which one is better to test your skills and knowledge? Analyze the difference between these language tests.
  9. Discuss the effectiveness of programs that try to convince students to avoid driving under the influence or stop using substances like alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.
  10. Evaluate the importance of imagination development in early childhood. 
  11. Assess the impact of living conditions on children’s learning ability.
  12. Evaluate peer-to-peer mentoring or tutoring for how helpful it is for students.
  13. Discuss the difference between modern and traditional education. Talk about the positive and negative sides of each system.

Sports Evaluations

  1. Discuss how exercise can benefit mental and physical health. How does sport help people lose weight? 
  2. Evaluate your high school football or volleyball team. How does it affect the lives of the students? Are they proud to be on a team?
  3. Compare watching sports in a bar to watching it at home. 
  4. Assess golf as a sport. Do you think golf is popular nowadays? In what way is it different from other sports?
  5. Evaluate the famous player. Analyze his performance, talk about his strong points. 
  6. Team sport vs. individual sport: which one is better? 
  7. Analyze badminton or squash as a sport. Compare it to tennis.
  8. Assess sports halls or fields in your hometown. Evaluate whether the prices are affordable for everyone. Is the equipment in satisfactory condition?
  9. Compare two different soccer programs for kids. Which one is better and why?
  10. Evaluate any dance studio in your area. Discuss whether the prices are acceptable. Can adults attend classes? Is it possible to enroll in a contest?
  11. Analyze female volleyball in comparison to male volleyball.

Technology Evaluations

  1. Evaluate the most anticipated or popular smartphone. Explain why it is better than the previous version.
  2. Evaluate your favorite social media site. Discuss its attractive features and drawbacks. Compare it to other popular platforms.
  3. Assess the role of technology in your everyday life. How do modern technological solutions make your life easier?
  4. Discuss how people from various age groups use modern technology.
  5. Evaluate the influence of social media platforms on social interactions. Explain the pros and cons of integrating social media into your life.
  6. Evaluate 3D films in comparison to 2D. How does this moviemaking method change your cinema experience?
  7. Assess the way that social behavior changes because of smartphones and other technology. Are these changes good or bad?
  8. Evaluate the latest regulations directed against the use of mobile phones and other devices while driving. What else should be added to those rules? 
  9. Evaluate future technology development. How do you think it will change, what kind of progress awaits us?
  10. Assess the impact of video games on students. Is it beneficial or dangerous?
  11. Make comparisons between different web browsers and determine which is the most user-friendly.
  12. Assess digital textbooks in comparison to traditional textbooks.
  13. Evaluate the impact of technological progress on the music industry.

Restaurant and Food Evaluations

  1. Cooking at home vs. eating out: which is better? Compare the cost, convenience, nutritional value, and safety. 
  2. Compare two different coffee houses. Explain which one is better and why. Discuss customer service: is it good or bad? Is there a big difference in price?
  3. Compare KFC to McDonald’s. Which one is better and why?
  4. Compare a high-priced and a cheap restaurant. What is different? Are there similarities?
  5. Evaluate your favorite pizza delivery service. Discuss the taste, price, and quality of the service.
  6. Assess the most popular restaurant or a coffee shop in your area. Why do people like it so much? Compare it to other restaurants. 
  7. Evaluate any pre-cooked meal from the supermarket. Order something and check the ingredients: are these items healthy? What about the cost?
  8. Have you worked in a coffee shop or a restaurant? Compare your experience of working there to being a guest. 
  9. Evaluate any frozen meal. Find positives and negatives.
  10. Visit a new restaurant in your town and evaluate it. Is there something unique about this place? In what way does it differ from other places?

Writing a good evaluation essay is easier than it sounds!

Pick one of the proposed evaluation essay topics from the lists above. If you do not wish to copy the introduced themes, use your creative thinking. Take these suggestions as an example and cover similar ideas. Remember to keep an open mind, justify your opinions and be objective. Use your original vision of a problem and try to solve it in a unique way. But most importantly, think positively and believe in yourself!