Bullying Essay Guide for Your Perfect Grades

Bullying Is a Common Issue for Students

The frequency of bullying is a child around the country is huge, and in some cases, the violence reaches the point of no return. Children have become extremely rude and think little about the consequences of their hasty actions. The issue is worth a deep discussion. Thus, it cannot go unheeded.

To solve the problem, we need to interact with each party involved in the conflict. These are not only victims and aggressors who participate in the battle and undergo influence from one another. There are also passive onlookers who should be considered as involved parties. 

Since the issue is especially controversial and needs an abrupt response, students should be educated on how to deal with such cases. In fact, it can be done through bullying essay writing in colleges. 

Accomplishing such essays includes sharing personal experiences and observations. When discussing the issue, you can dig deeper into your research and comprehend the real danger that such behavior can cause. 

Let’s Consider the Structure of the Writing

Discussing important topics is always beneficial for a deep understanding of the very essence of the issue. When you can elaborate on a problem and find out peculiar things about it, you become aware of all the risks that bullying can lead to. The basis for such an aggressive behavior can be hidden deep in our subconscious, and a cursory overview of the topic is not enough to get to the very substance. 

When you get more knowledge and understand what makes students abuse others, you are a step closer to eradicating the phenomenon. 

In terms of structure, bullying essays are similar to other academic writing assignments of the kind. They pursue the same structure and aim at covering basic structural elements of the text. 

In some cases, you should stick to particular requirements that your professor mention. Thus, adhering to additional guidelines should be a priority for you. 

The following pattern is clear and is observed with every other writing task, so you should not find it difficult to frame your essay in a proper manner. 

  • Introduction. 

This is the first stage of your essay where your main task is to attract the attention of the reader and make him interested in the subject. Here you should highlight what the topic touches and which purpose it pursues. You can add a little contextual surrounding into the introductory part to let the reader grasp the idea of the text. 

  • Thesis 

Usually, you should not separate your thesis statement from the introduction paragraph. This is the last sentence in which you should define the main message you want the readers to comprehend. Don’t be too loose with your opinion. It is enough to elude the reader to further reflection. 

  • Main body 

This is the most informative part of your essay. Therefore, your task is to be especially consistent with your thoughts. The main part is supposed to convey the message to the audience and perform strong evidence of the arguments. Since there are too many facts to discuss, you need to define 2-3 substantial arguments, find the most appropriate evidence, and put it into relevant paragraphs. Make sure each sub-topic has common ground with your thesis statement and supports it this way or another. 

Insert paper examples into the text. This way, the reader will visualize the situation and, thus, get a better idea of what you mean, don’t forget to use transitive phrases to let the speech flow. 

  • Conclusion 

In the final section, you should sum up everything mentioned in your bullying essay. Skim over the main points again and draw a conclusion. 

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Problem and Choose a Topic

The problem has too many sides, and thus there are various directions for developing the thought. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a list of possible topics that you can use as a basis for your argumentative bullying essay. 

Bullying at Schools 

  1. Children are the main victims who suffer from bullying in schools.
  2. How does a teenager look at hounding? 
  3. Bullying and other challenges that a naive student can experience in college.
  4. Why is bullying a common thing for students? Why does it happen less frequently in a workspace? 
  5. How can bullying influence the mental health of a person? 
  6. How can we confront this challenge and help children live in healthy surroundings?
  7. Can a bully be considered as a criminal? 
  8. Showing indifference towards others who are bullied is another crime. 
  9. Can taunting be regarded as another form of bullying?
  10. What makes people act in such an aggressive manner?
  11. There is always something hidden behind a bully’s mind and behavior: motivation and interpretation of the behavior of a bully.
  12. Why do children start behaving like a bully? What rules their mind?
  13. The inadequate proportion between boys and girls: who are the victims of bullies more often?
  14. Can the gender of a student define the methods used when bullying others?
  15. Can parents protect their children from bullying at schools? Is it necessary to interfere with the relationships between peers?
  16. Does our mental state suffer when we undergo bullying?
  17. Is it funny to abuse another person?
  18. Bullying is usually manifested in the form of pressure on others, but there are also other forms of abuse. What are they?
  19. What do you define as bullying?
  20. How should one act and respond to a potential bully?

General Questions for Bullying Essay 

  1. Why do children enjoy abusing others?
  2. How can bullying affect the way a person interacts with others?
  3. Why do adolescents choose a weaker person to be a victim of their bullying?
  4. Can parents facilitate the pressure imposed on their children?
  5. Bullying is the reason for losing self-confidence and becoming feeble. 
  6. Bullying makes students closed and reserved and unable to communicate with the outer world. 
  7. What can help a parent to understand that a child undergoes mockery and abuse? 
  8. Bullied children seek ways to get revenge.
  9. Bullying causes growing vulnerability among students. 
  10. Bullying in the form of verbal abuse is another manifestation of harassment. 
  11. A student should know what consequences his or her aggressive behavior may have. 
  12. Aggressive and offended youth will contribute to the further development of toxic relationships. 
  13. Are there any methods to resist bullying? 
  14. How can we observe bullying through our physical state? Psychosomatic symptoms. 
  15. How to define a leader position bully among the students? 
  16. Do we need to put offended children into a secure space to minimize bullying?
  17. Victim and aggressor: unbalanced distribution of power. 
  18. Lust and bullying: distinctive features to distinguish these two phenomena.
  19. Parents’ ignorance as a possible reason for the spreading of bullying. 
  20. Cyberbullying is a new and more advanced form of traditional bullying. 

Basic Rules for Writing the Essay 

You may face too many rules to observe when writing an assignment. This amount of restrictions and pieces of advice may confuse you. To make it easier for you, we have managed a list of things you should do or, in contrast, avoid when dealing with bullying essay writing. 

Tips for a Successful Essay 

  • Look through the requirements to the task and follow them strictly, as the professor will appreciate it;
  • find the most relevant and catchy topic:
  • make the introduction of your text interesting, so that the reader will surely go on reading;
  • Create a draft to stay on track and do not lose your idea;
  • Make sure to take information from reliable sources when providing exact data or statistic; 
  • Proofread the text before submitting it to the professor and check for all possible mistakes, if you want it to look professional. 

What to Avoid when Writing the Essay

  • Avoid being partial or expressing your position/opinion ambiguously;
  • stay away from too long paragraphs; being precise and exact in explaining your thought will be much appreciated and demonstrate your level of experience;
  • adhere to the word count;
  • pay equal attention to every part of the essay and treat it with great diligence;
  • avoid shortening the words in the text;
  • do not overlook grammar rules and punctuation;
  • try not to misuse the words. 

Even More, Prompts for a Perfect Result. 

To sound more convincing, you can research the following facts that are our realia right now.

  • If children experience domestic violence, they are more likely to play a victim and undergo harassment in school;
  • Almost 20% of students agree that being a victim or an aggressor is common for them;
  • A great number of professors try to close their eyes to obvious signs of violence among students;
  • For 60% of students cyberbullying is something they once experienced in their life;
  • In many cases, bullies have previously experienced violence towards themselves.